Arrival: 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. (midnight on Fridays and Saturdays)
Departure: You must vacate your campsite no later than noon

Please contact the campgroung office for extension requests.


There are NO REFUNDS for early departure.


Cancellation can be made without penalty fees up to 7 days before the date of the beginning of your stay.


Only one piece of camping equipment (tent, tent trailer, or RV) per site is permitted.


The maximum stay allowed is 7 consecutive nights.

Visitors: Campers are responsible for their visitors' behavior.

Visitors must pay the admission fee (that includes access to the park's activities, restaurants and sidewalk cafés, except for the water rides and wave pool) and leave before curfew.
Visitors must park their vehicles at the campground office.


Sunday to Thursday: 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Friday and Saturday: Midnight to 7 a.m.
All motor traffic is prohibited during curfew hours.
Lights on campground lanes are turned off 10 minutes before curfew.
Campers must refrain from making excessive noise (music and parties). The use of generators, noisy appliances and lighting systems is not permitted.

Speed limit: The campground speed limit is 10 km/h.
Pets: Pets are welcome only in the campground area.

Pets must be kept on a leash, in a cage, or in a suitable vehicle.
Pets must be restrained at all times and are not to be left unattended outside campground sites or service buildings.
Pet waste must be picked up and thrown away in a trash container.
Pet owners will be held responsible for any disturbances or personal injuries that may result from their pets' behavior.

Pets are not welcomed in our rental equipments (travail trailer, rustic camp, tent cabin and lake cabin).

Garbage: Garbage must be placed in plastic bags and thrown in dumpsters provided for that purpose. 
PLEASE NOTE Campers are not allowed to change campsites without prior authorization from the campground office.

Campers must take good care of Valcartier Campground equipment at all times. They must leave their sites and any equipment they use in clean and proper order. Users may be billed for any damage done to campground equipment. Sites left in bad condition will be cleaned at the client's charge. 

At all times, excessive noise (such as generators) is not permitted. During curfew, no noise that could be heard by a nearby site is permitted. 

Campfires or cooking fires are permitted only in designated areas. They must be attended at all times, kept low, contained within the fire rings provided and extinguished before curfew.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited inside service buildings. Campers are to keep drinking to a moderate level. Drug use is strictly forbidden on the campground. Failure to comply may result in expulsion. A minimum penalty fee of $100 per site will be charged on the credit card. 

Campers are asked to respect the natural environment. Cutting or damaging trees, plants or bushes, picking up deadwood and having food lying around is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use them for fire wood or to hang clotheslines.

It is prohibited to let drinking water run unnecessarily.

All campers and visitors must abide by these rules. Anyone violating them may be subject to penalties or expulsion. After two warnings, violators will be expelled without any refund.

Liability: Valcartier Campground cannot be held responsible for any material damage or personal injury campers or visitors incur because of pets admitted to the campground, partial or total power failure, falling trees, fire, vandalism, theft or material loss.

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