Money at my fingertip


Your money ... at your fingertip!

This payment method is simple and safe! You can upload money on your finger and use it on our site. No need to carry cash. The unused balance is fully refundable at the end of the day or the end of the season.

It's simple

  • Easy way to pay
  • Upload money on your finger
  • No user charges
  • No need to carry cash while you enjoy the park
  • Valid at most sales points
  • Allows more than one user per account and more freedom on-site. For example, parents upload $100 and the whole family can use it. - COMING SOON!
  • Verify your balance at any sales point at any time.
  • Balance refundable at all fingertip sales points
  • A receipt with balance issued with each transaction
  • Minimum upload $20

It's safe

  • This technology is used in security systems at major airports.
  • The system recognizes 16 points on three skin layers.
  • Prints are not linked to a name, database or other any information.
  • All transactions can be retraced through the transaction history.
  • Money at my fingertip is valid throughout the season; for example, a season-pass holder could upload $100 on his or her first visit and use it throughout the summer.
  • The system is tested and secure.

• All transactions can be retraced with the upload receipt. Keep it safely!