The Winter Playground is now closed for the season! Come play in the Bora Park!


Here are some rules to respect to ensure that everyone is safe and everything goes smoothly:

  • At you arrival, no matter where you are heading, you need to bring an inner tube. It is necessary to slide and go back to the main pavilion.
  • When you leave, you must bring your inner tube back to the designated area.
  • Slide difficulties go from easy to extreme. They are identified on a panel next to each slide by different forms and colors.
  • Next to each slides you will also see a safety rules panel. Please read them carefully before sliding and respect them all day long. 
  • For your safety, slide in the designated area. Mechanical lifts are well identified and are not slides. 
  • To reach the mechanical lifts or other sectors, for security reasons, you must go around the slides instead of going through them.
  • Before sliding, you must wait for the security gate to open and make sure that no one is at the bottom of the slide.
  • It is mandatory to be seated in the inner tubes. It is forbidden to slide on your belly, your knees or standing up.
  • It is also forbidden to slide in Indian file.
  • Maximum groups of 8 people are allowed. Hold on to each other and form a circle before going down. 
  • When the slide is over, leave the arrival area quickly. 
  • Rafting boats can accomodate up to 12 people. It is important to hold on tightly to the boats during the entire slide.
  • Tornado boats can accomomodate up to 8 people. It is important to hold on tightly to the boat during the entire slide.
  • It is mandatory to respect the slide's safety rules as well as rules given by the on-site employees'. Disrespect of the rules can cause expulsion.
  • Selfie stick allowed in any slide.
  • GoPro are allowed on the site. You need to have a chest mount harness or a head strap mount, for using it.