Village Vacances Valcartier

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We have the privilege of being open. Please note that 2 metres social distancing and wearing a face covering in queues, buildings and to visit Hôtel de Glace (ice hotel) are mandatory. Also, all visitors and overnight guests have to book their tickets in advance via our website. Thank you for your collaboration.

Escape the Tropical Storm!

You and a friend will start to zip down the tunnel as the wind gets stronger and stronger. A tropical storm is coming! Lightning flashes above as you swirl and whirl down this electrifying slide! The storm surge will even carry you outside the tunnel before you end up splashing in the lagoon!

Safety rules: Children measuring 1.22 m (48 in.) or taller are permitted. 2 people mandatory. Glasses with strap, personal flotation devices and t-shirts are permitted. Maximum 400 lbs. (182 kg) per inner tube. Not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions or back problems.

Good to know

  • Two-rider inner tube
  • Enclosed, open and translucent sections