Village Vacances Valcartier

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We have the privilege of being open. Please note that 2 metres social distancing and wearing a face covering in queues, buildings and to visit Hôtel de Glace (ice hotel) are mandatory. Also, all visitors and overnight guests have to book their tickets in advance via our website. Thank you for your collaboration.

Let's Explore the Enchanted Forest!

Immerse yourself in the heart of a magical forest, where you'll be sprayed with water from top to bottom! The little ones will love this forest fairy environment which offers dazzling lights, a mini-slide and interactive water games!

Children measuring less than 1,22 m must be accompanied my an adult. Diaper swimsuit mandatory for babies. Glasses, personnal flotation device and t-shirts are permitted.

Good to know

  • Mini slides for small children
  • Water jets, fountains, huge water buckets, water games