Grand opening. Small winter slide center eight toboggan slides operated by Mr. Adrien Drouin, father of today's owner.


Mr. Guy Drouin takes over for his father and operates what will soon become the largest winter playground in America and the largest waterpark in Canada until the opening of his new waterpark Calypso in 2010. During winter, opening of the first-ever outdoor skating paths as well as cross country ski and snowshoe trails.


In summer, Valcartier become the official site of the Canadian Motocross Championship and other all-terrain vehicle competitions from 1972 to 1978.


In summer, opening of roller skating paths and a trampoline park. In winter, introduction of inner tube slides—a new and unique concept in Quebec—which will later be used for other attractions.


In summer, opening of the waterpark, with an artificial lake and a few water slides.


In summer, introduction of the Supersonic Falls, the first big water slides.


In summer, addition of the Crazy Cascades.


A fire destroys the former main lodge, which is entirely rebuilt and opened by Christmas 1983. It wins the Ordre des Architectes Grand Prize.


Opening of the Corkscrew, three slides that can be used in both summer and winter.


Addition of the Everest, the highest accelerating slides unique in North America used in both summer and winter season.


Introduction of a karting path that can be used in both summer and winter. In summer, addition of an 18 hole maxigolf course and construction of an amphitheater for acrobatic diving shows.


In summer, addition of a huge wave pool unique in Canada, with 8 alternating wave patterns up to 4½ feet high.


In summer, introduction of the Spirals, slides for two-people in inner tubes.


In summer, introduction of a concept unique in the world: the Amazon, a half-kilometer-long tropical river, never before seen in the waterpark industry.


In winter, expansion of the site with the addition of the Avalanche section, which offers 10 new slides, as well as the introduction of a new concept—snow rafting.


Investment of $10 million for the creation of theme buildings, including the main lodge/ticket booths, reception rooms accommodating up to 550 people, bars, restaurants, a gift shop, and an arcade.


In winter, introduction of the Tornado, a large inner tube for up to 8 people that swirls down three different runs, exclusively at Valcartier Vacation Village.


In winter, purchase of Hôtel Le St-Gabriel, a country hotel located 500 meters from Valcartier Vacation Village. Signing of a contract with Ranch El Toro, allowing the Village to offer horseback riding at the ranch.

Summer: Introduction of an ultramodern 270 site campground next to the waterpark that offers all services for tents and RVs. Also: Purchase of Nouveau Monde Québec, which leads to the creation of the Adventure Division. Valcartier Vacation Village now offers guided activities on the Jacques-Cartier River (rafting, a family river tour, hydrospeed and raft and canoe rental)


Business redesign with the appointment of four vice presidents and the replacement of the four corporate names (Village des Sports, Village Aventure, Village Hébergement, and Village Bel âge) with the name Valcartier Vacation Village, which includes all the company's activities. During summer, expansion of the campground to 355 sites.


In winter, sale of Hôtel Le St-Gabriel.


In summer, introduction of a shuttle called the Big John Express between the campground and the waterpark. Addition of a small Indian village, which rents tepees in the campground.


In winter, investment of $1.4 million for the creation of the Himalaya, a high speed section of four very steep inner tube slides. Addition of four new mechanical lifts. Renovation of the cafeteria and addition of a European-style bistro.

In summer, addition of 295 new campsites (for a total of 550), two service buildings, and a movie theater. Discontinuation of horseback riding activities.


In summer, investment of $2.5 million dollars for the creation of the Rock 'n' Roll, four thrillseeker slides. Addition of 50 campsites for a total of 600. Adventure Division: New decor and atmosphere with the addition of a restaurant/bar area, an outdoor terrace, and a volleyball court.


In summer, introduction of Dungeon City, a one-of-a-kind attraction in North America with amazing slides and an enchanted river in a medieval fantasy setting that required an investment of $4.5 million.


In summer, opening of Cockadoodle Farm, an attraction for little ones featuring a farm animal theme, a wading pool with minislides, water jets, and a rest area for the whole family. First phase of a family theme park.


In summer, opening of the Pirates' Hideout, a theme family attraction featuring a magnificent pirate ship with sails, ropes, and slides. An exotic course running over wooden walkways through giant trees, a huge bowl, eight water slides, and 66 interactive water games make up this extraordinary attraction. Last phase of a family theme park, which required an investment of over $3 million.


Summer: Implantation of the system called "Money at my fingertip". Our clients can download money on their fingertips; it is safe and secure. This system lets them buy food and gifts directly in the restaurants and shop without having to bring money on them.


Summer: Investment of more than a million dollars in a water-heater system so that all our pools are heated to benefit our clientele


Summer: Implantation of 45 recycling bins for glass, plastic and aluminum. These bins are placed on the waterpark and camping and they let us diversify our recycling.


Summer : New Turbo6, six high speed waterslides that go up to 60 km per hour. Go down head first on this 24 m high slide.


The Adventure Division becomes Rafting Valcartier.


New Mirage attraction - Arabian nights-themed sand castle with turrets and fortress, 12 slides, 40 water games and a huge heated pool. Removal of Water Castle and Game Island.


50 years anniversary of Valcartier Vacation Village.

In winter, reception of the 13 millionth visitor. In addition to tickets for the day and a 4-course table d'hôte fondue meal, the family received several gifts worth over $ 1,000. 


Valcartier Vacation Village annonced on July 7th the construction of a major recreation and tourism complex featuring an indoor waterpark and 4-star hotel with 153 suites, the first of its kind in Quebec!

This major tourism industry initiative, representing a private investment of $65 million, will complement the group’s entertainment offerings with year-round accommodations and annual activities that will be sure to please the entire family. The complex is scheduled to open in December 2016.