Safety Rules


  • Our certified team of lifeguards and slide attendants ensure your safety and well-being and make sure the safety rules are followed.
  • A first aid station is on site and available at all times.
  • Personal flotation devices are available for free (photo ID card or $20 deposit required).
  • Drinking fountains are located on site so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. Water bottles are also available in all our restaurants.
  • Shaded areas and umbrellas are available on site to protect you from the sun. Sunscreen, hats and suglasses are sold at the boutique in the event you forgot to bring them.
  • Public alcohol consumption or possesion of open alcohol containers is strickly prohibited. 


  • Each attraction has its own safety rules. These rules refer to age, height and weight restrictions, restrictions on medical and physical conditions, as well as regulations and mandatory position.
  • Attractions are not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with specific medical conditions.
  • Safety rules are displayed at the top and at the bottom of each slide. They can also be found in the Attractions section of our website, as well as in the videos below. 
  • Life jackets are mandatory in some attractions for inexperienced swimmers and children under 48" (1,22 m).
  • Glasses with or without straps are forbidden in some attractions.
  • Long hair must be tied in the attractions.
  • Dresses, jeans and loose clothing are prohibited in the attractions.
  • Swim diapers are mandatory for toddlers.
  • Smoking is prohibited except in the designated areas. 

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