Village Vacances Valcartier

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Hôtel Valcartier is unfortunately closed until December 3rd, 2020 inclusively. Bora Parc and Aroma Spa are unfortunately closed until January 11th, 2021 inclusively. Thank you for your precious collaboration in this exceptional situation.

Candy, Frozen Treats and Other Sweets

Otter's Paws

Our mascots, Loulou and Louloutre, invite you to taste their otter's paws, which are delicious pastries that are garnished with your choice of topping. So yummy!


Located in the Marina, Gâterie offers many different treats, such as popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate bars, and much more! It's the perfect destination for sweet tooths!


Located in the Marina, the creamery offers a great selection of mouth-watering ice cream cones, frozen yogurt, slush, and other frozen treats to keep you refreshed when you're not in the water!

Candies Galore

At Boutique Viva, near the lobby of the Valcartier Hotel, you'll be amazed at the awesome towers filled with all types of candies, jujube bar, and self-serve candy counter. What a treat for kids and adults alike!

You can find the all of these snack bars and stores on Village Vacances Valcartier's map.